About Us

The Principals have more than fifty years of combined experience working as Traders and Business Heads at large Investment Banks in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore. They are united in their beliefs in the use of Technology for Risk Management and operational simplicity.

The Sherpa Funds is set up in a cost efficient manner, with scalable technology and a trading style that is not reliant on sub-second order routing and execution. The Principals are committed to the business with their own capital as well as time spent on the project.


James Brodie
James has Traded FX and Rates products for 18 years, mainly at Credit Suisse. James manages the Trading System and develops trading rules for the Fund.

Richard Waddington
Richard has worked in Derivatives for 20 years, running Sell-Side Trading and IT businesses. Richard writes the software and mathematics that manage the Risk of the Fund.

Dario Cranchi
Dario has over 20 years experience setting-up and managing Trading and IT driven finance businesses. Dario manages external partner relationships and the Fund's sales process.